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An in-depth 6 step course to help individuals and business owners understand: themselves, personality traits, learning style, entrepreneurial leadership group, strengths, learning from experience, vision and purpose, dreams, goals, growth modeling, project planning, to start to make success happen.

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Step 1 - Introduction

Step 2 - Understanding you

Step 3 - Lifeline activity

Step 4 - Dreams

Step 5 - Goals

Step 6 - Success

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Self Development Client

Since starting my career in the NHS last year I wanted to gain confidence and needed guidance with my career progression. Louise has been brilliant at helping me recognise my own strengths and working towards set competences needed for more demanding roles. She has encouraged me to take opportunities in the workplace that will develop my skill set and worked closely with me on my CV, personal development plan, and preparing me for interviews. She quickly became part of my support network and has been a compassionate and patient mentor throughout the year. I feel so much clearer on my own goals and what I want to achieve long term.

This course is in a snapshot all the work Louise has helped enable throughout the year. It will help you draw out the most important aspects for self development, career and business progression.


Business Client

We have directly benefited from working with Louise to such a point that we now have a fully engaged team of stakeholders who collectively have been extremely instrumental in helping to secure funding for a clinical study with the NHS.

Our stakeholders include Macmillan Cancer Support, Manchester Foundation Trust, University of Manchester, Health Innovation Manchester and the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance. All of this would not have been possible without the support of Louise through the Cancer Innovation Service.

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